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Welcome to Timmins Porcupine Minor Soccer WebsiteMonday, March 30, 2015  
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    WELCOME to another exciting season of soccer. 
    Timmins Porcupine Minor Soccer will endeavor to provide quality soccer for your youngster(s) in a fun, safe environment.




    Attention!!! Do You Need a Summer Job??? 

    The Club is looking to fill two positions:
    Referee-in-Chief  & Assist. Referee-in-Chief

    Click here for more information


     Annual General Meeting 

    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is your opportunity to let your vote and voice be heard by your Soccer Club!
    Date:       Tuesday, March 31st, 2015
    Time:       7:00pm
    Location:  Thériault High School Cafeteria
    The AGM is a time when you can:
    • Bring issues to the attention of the Board of Directors
    • Suggest changes you would like made to the constitution*
    • Vote on positions on The Board of Directors which are up for election
    • Run for a position on The Board of Directors**

     This year, there are 5 positions up for election on your Board of Directors.

    - Treasurer 
    - Secretary
    - Vice-President 
    - Director
    - Director of Mini

    One free draw will be done for on-line registrations and one draw for registrations recieved at the office or square.  Registrations must be recieved before April 1st and will recieve a ballot to enter a draw for 1 free registration.  Contact the office for more information

     Please register a.s.a.p. at the office with cash or cheque or On-Line.



    Timmins Porcupine Minor Soccer Association is pleased to announce ayear of partnership with Challenger Sports, providers of North America’s most popular soccer camp, to host the week long British Soccer camp during the week of July 6th - 10th at Timmins Regional Athletics Soccer Complex.  (TRASC)

    The camp will run Monday through Friday and each child will be coached by a member of Challenger’s British coaching staff flown into Canada exclusively to work on these programs…In addition each camper will receive a FREE Soccer Jersey, Camp T-shirt, Soccer ball, Soccer poster & individual skills performance evaluation. For more info and to register click here or the link below:



     What is LTPD ?! - Click here for more information and HERE...

    OUTDOOR 2015

         League registration is OPEN 

    INDOOR 2015-16

         League registration has not started


           Soccer North Logo

     Soccer North is our District Association

    Click here to visit the Ontario Soccer Association Website. 











    There are items that are not permitted to be worn on a soccer field as per the rules and regulations of FIFA, CSA and OSA.  The Club will make an exception to the rules and allow the following items on the soccer field pending a physician’s note:
    • A brimmed hat - If a hat is deemed as necessary then it will have to be a button-less (no top button).
    • Eye Glasses -  Must be flex frams combined with lenses made from polycarbonate material and a strap to prevent them from falling off.  Sports glasses/goggles have always been accepted and are highly recommended.

    With respect to glasses, the physician’s note must state that the glasses comply with the following:

    1) that a prescription is required
    2) Lenses are made from polycarbonate material
    3) Flex type frames for sports
    4) glasses must have a sports strap
    5) Full frame glasses only.
    6) Glasses cannot have any sharp / pointed edges on them

    Once a physician's note is recieved by the disciplinary committee that meets all the criteria mentioned above, a "Letter of Exemption” will be issued by the committee to both you and the coach indicating the exemption.  You must keep this letter with you while at the field, should anyone question the exemption.  


    A player wearing an insulin pump because of a medical condition is permitted to play providing the pump itself must not present a danger to the individual or any other player and a "Letter of Exemption” has been issued.


    Once a physician's note is recieved by the disciplinary committee that meets all the criteria mentioned above, a "Letter of Exemption” will be issued by the committee to both you and the coach indicating the exemption.  You must keep this letter with you while at the field, should anyone question the exemption.  

    Please send us an email should you have any further questions or concerns (diciplinary@timminssoccer.com) or contact the office by phone at 705-268-6160






    Fair Play Codes - All players/coaches/parents/spectators are to abide by the Fair Play Codes - this is recreational soccer with ALL players receiving the SAME awards except in U13 to U18 - stats may or may not be recorded.

    Parents please note - stats/goals are not required for your child to enjoy and develop in soccer.

















    All players are provided with a team shirt, shorts and socks.  Uniforms are the property of the players at the end of the season and will not need to be returned.

    At each scheduled game and practice, all players are required to wear:
    Ÿ Shin pads
    Ÿ Outdoor soccer shoes (running shoes for Indoor Soccer)
    Ÿ Team uniform (shirt, shorts, socks)

    The following are NOT to be worn by any of our players:
    Ÿ Caps (except for goal keepers)
    Ÿ Eye glasses (Referee discretion)

    Ÿ Casts
    Ÿ Jewellery of any kind
    Ÿ Only fabric type hair bands will be allowed.  


    Every year we collect clean (washed) jersey's, socks, shorts and even old cleats are collected to be recycled and sent to third world country's.  You can also drop off items at the office.

    If you or someone you know would like to take a box to a third world, please contact the office.

    Our last shipments were delivered by Rheal Gravel and has delivered items to many locations/orphanages in Haiti.

    Click here for 2009 -Kauswagan, Phillipines

    Click here for 2013 - Jerimie, Haiti


     Timmins Porcupine Minor Soccer and the Porcupine Health Unit have partnered up to spread the word on tobacco-free sports.  

    "Pledge" to be a Positive Role Model.  

    Sport and recreation organizations play a vital role in the health and wellness of our community.  Read more about "tobacco-free sport" in Ontario.  Please click http://www.playlivebetobaccofree.ca to read more on the partnership.





    Many thanks to all of our volunteers as without you, we could not make soccer possible for the close to 1000 kids we have every year.

    Many thanks to our sponsors. 
    Click on their logo to visit their website or click here to see our list of sponsors 

    Due to the large league commitment, there is a Sponsorship Program in place and we are encouraging all businesses, groups, etc. to come forward such that all 52-60 teams are sponsored.  Sponsorship is fair during the 3 year term for businesses involved, as only a portion of the annual soccer expenses are covered. We would be pleased to speak to you regarding our sponsorship program.    (click here to find out more) 


    Sports Video - How to talk to your child's coach




    Volunteer Coaches/Managers:
    Be aware that the projection of 52-60 teams based on expected registration numbers, will require the services of a minimum number of  120 coaches, co-coaches, and managers.  Keep in mind, when you register your child today:
    Ÿ Am I bringing my child to the gym or Field on a regular basis?
    Ÿ Will my child's team be in capable hands?
    Ÿ Can I make a positive contribution?
    Ÿ Am I willing to learn the rules of the game?
    Ÿ Can I be part of a working team and share duties?
    Ÿ Would you like to relate to your child's friends and team mates?
    Ÿ Can I share part of my life's lessons to best help out?
    We all started out as parents bringing our kids to the fields, but decided to offer our services as volunteers to help out the kids.  Timmins Porcupine Minor Soccer Inc. needs your participation to keep Soccer operating properly for all youth, throughout the city.

    CTV video - No cheering at youth soccer games - Click Here


    Message from the:



    I wish to thank everyone for their dedicated help for another successful Indoor Season.
    Our outdoor 2014 session is upon us and I would to like remind everybody to register as soon as possible so that we can organize the recreational teams in a timely fashion. Also you can always register online or at the office or by mail..
    I hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable season.
    Yours in soccer,

    Joel Brunet, 

    Timmins Porcupine Minor Soccer

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